Medical & Dental Practices

Successful management of medical and dental practices in today’s fast-paced world is time consuming, demanding, and subject to constant change and challenges. With a multitude of healthcare practices and professionals in our client roster and years of industry experience to draw upon, Apicella, Testa & Company supports sole practitioners, large multi-doctor practices and nursing facilities with expert tax, accounting, and advisory services. Our team stays abreast of key issues and critical trends in the healthcare field. Recognizing that every professional practice is different, our staff invests time to understand the unique aspects of every firm. Professionals rely on Apicella, Testa & Company for customized solutions that support the management, profitability, and long-term growth of their practices and to help them meet their individual financial goals. Examples of the support we can lend include the following: buy-sell-mergers of practices; benchmarking; review and recommendations on shareholder and employment contracts; all aspects of adding new physicians including recruitment, compensation splits, partnership tracks, etc.

Family-Run Companies

As rewarding as family-owned businesses can be, they provide business decision makers with many unique challenges. Besides the normal financial, management, and operations issues all owners are confronted with, family-run companies face the added complexity of relatives who bridge generations working together. Is it any wonder that for over 50 years, family firms have relied on Apicella, Testa & Company for objective, unbiased advice? We serve as independent, objective, professional partners to the many family-run companies in our client roster. Whether yours is a start-up or is entering its second or third generation of ownership, our experienced team of professionals can provide customized support to meet the requirements of your company. Let us help your company transition from generation to generation in the most effective and advantageous way possible by factoring in key tax, financial, and relationship considerations.

Restaurants and Hospitality

Owning and managing a restaurant, resort, hotel or golf course demands plenty of business experience and tax law knowledge. Also, the balancing act of controlling inventory and labor costs requires smart financial analysis and forecasting. Everything from tip credit compliance to sales tax audits is enough to occupy all your time.

We can help you plan for the future while reducing your tax burden and capitalizing on market trends by partnering with you in the financial management of your company.

Manufacturing Firms

Apicella, Testa & Company offers a full range of business consulting, tax, and accounting services to manufacturing clients. This industry is faced with increasing changes and challenges as businesses continue to automate and are confronted with a more global economy. As professional partners, we assist manufacturers with proactive tax planning and business strategies to help them increase their bottom line and stay more competitive. Our clients include sheet metal contractors and metal fabricators, to manufacturers of industrial scales, weighing equipment, and precision parts for helicopters and automobiles, to name just a few. Our professionals understand the challenges and opportunities manufacturers are faced with and are ready to help.

Non-Profit Organizations

No matter what role your organization has in the not-for-profit sector, managing costs, competing for funding, and generating and maintaining membership is a constant challenge. Our firm is ready and able to help your not-for-profit organization handle audits, reviews, tax-exempt issues and estate gifts.

Types of organizations we support include:

  • Social service agencies
  • Associations
  • Educational institutions
  • Camps
  • Clubs
  • Health Care providers
  • Membership organizations

The key to providing quality services is to understand our clients’ needs. This enables us to help them achieve their mission and develop resources to provide for the future.

Real Estate Professionals, Investors, & Developers

Individual investors and large development companies alike are both well positioned to benefit from the expert tax strategies and financial expertise that our tax professionals provide. We partner with property owners to maximize tax benefits through proper valuation, lease negotiation, business operations and equipment maintenance programs.

Unique challenges our firm will assist you with include:

  • OSHA compliance
  • Bonding requirements
  • Maximizing “Section 199” deduction
  • Property acquisition

Builders and Contractors

Builders and contractors face distinct challenges and risks. In today’s challenging and demanding marketplace, a team approach can help lead to a smoother running and more profitable company. The knowledgeable personnel at Apicella, Testa & Company understand this industry and what makes it different. With years of experience to draw upon, our professionals factor in the unique aspects of this business — its cyclical nature, fluctuations in cost of materials and labor, and other key issues. Typically, the firms we serve have multiple entities involving various areas of construction and real estate development, including rental properties. As professional partners to the many Connecticut contractors, builders, and developers on our client list, we provide tax and accounting solutions as well as expert advice to help them maximize their opportunities and ongoing success.

Pension & 401(k) Plan Audits

An incomplete, inadequate or untimely audit engagement could result in monetary fines or even disqualification of your employee benefit plan. Why take chances when Apicella, Testa & Company enjoys a proven track record of successfully delivered audit engagements. Our membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center means we are committed to adhering to significant quality and continuing education standards. That credential, along with our peer review, helps ensure that clients will receive a high-quality audit and be in compliance with all relevant regulations. These services are offered as part of a complete package of accounting, tax, and advisory services or as stand-alone engagements.

Health & Human Service Providers

Apicella, Testa & Company provides services to Health and Human service providers both non-profit and for profit. Our clients include clinics, community living and day program providers, residential care homes and nursing facilities. We understand third party reimbursement regulations and how important it is to know your cost of providing specific services. We can help you obtain the maximum allowable revenue for those services. Whether it’s Medicaid, Medicare, DSS, DDS, DCF, we know your funders and our professionals are here to help you.

Transportation Companies

Apicella, Testa & Company serves a diverse range of transportation companies from cab and limousine service providers to school bus companies. We have the experience and expertise to handle the tax, accounting, and advisory services transportation companies require. For instance, we offer clients guidance on fixed assets – lease versus purchase of equipment — and the most efficient means of obtaining financing. Our professionals take into account key factors and current industry trends to provide transportation industry clients with the most effective tax strategies to help them meet their financial goals.

Homeowners’ Associations and Other Common Interest Realty Associations

Apicella, Testa & Company provides audit and tax services for all types and sizes of community associations including mixed-use, high-rise, large scale, single-family, condominiums, town homes, and commercial. We work closely with boards of directors and property managers to provide budgetary strategies, cash management, bookkeeping, and budget analysis to allow you to operate in your community as smoothly and effectively as possible. We understand the unique financial reporting requirements of community and homeowners’ associations and assist in monthly and year-end financial reporting.

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